• Fast decomposition of organic waste.
  • Capable of deodorizing organic waste quickly
  • Convert indigestible components into digestible in wastewater easily.
  • In addition to the ability to effectively treat wastewater, BIO-EM can also promote the restoration of the microflora in the treatment system and the environment.
  • Kills pathogens and bacteria that cause bad odors.
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Saccharomyces sp: 10^6 CFU/g

Bacillus sp: 10^8 CFU/g

Streptomyces sp: 10^8 CFU/g

Humidity 12%

Cân nặng

1kg, 200g, 500g


  • Decompose domestic waste, industrial waste, reduce odors
  • Quickly decompose cattle and poultry manure, remove odors, kill helminth eggs, limit flies and mosquitoes
  • Quickly decompose domestic waste and agricultural waste into organic fertilizer
  • Treatment of bad odors of wastewater, toilets (toilet), sewer water, stagnant pond water, polluted water
  • Used to decompose residual sludge in the toilet or sewage system to minimize the cost of renting a vacuum cleaner

User manual

I. Waste treatment, organic waste as fertilizer:

Step 1: Prepare the preparation

  • Mix microbial products with molasses, clean water with the ratio of 200g inoculant + 1kg of molasses + 30 liters of clean water.

Step 2: Spray the product, incubate

  • Using 5-10 kg of lime powder/ton of raw materials, evenly sprinkle powdered lime on the materials to be treated, then spray the prepared solution evenly on the raw materials.

After about 30 days, the generated humus can be used as a source of organic fertilizer that can be used to fertilize plants or improve soil.

II. Deodorization

Step 1: Prepare the preparation

  • Dissolve 1 liter of molasses in 20-30 liters of water, add 200g of inoculant, stir well, then let stand for 24 hours, obtain the inoculum

Step 2: Spray the composition

  • For barns and landfills: Use a spray bottle and evenly spray the prepared solution for 50m2.
  • For livestock waste: Use a spray bottle and evenly spray the inoculant solution on the surface of 01 ton of livestock waste.
  • The deodorizing effect can last from 7-10 days, after that time, if the odor arises again, continue to spray the preparation solution.


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