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Even if the world develops like a storm, people will not be able to overcome the most basic need of “Eat”, currently the food source in Vietnam is not necessary, but whether there are many residues of antibiotics / food protection drugs? animals or other toxic substances, the more civilized society is, the more people attach importance to health, the more carefully the food is selected and the origin is found.

Therefore, microbial products in aquaculture help shrimp farmers to limit the use of antibiotics in farming and increase farming productivity by using microorganisms to increase food metabolism and feed micro-organisms. surplus to regenerate food sources for shrimp and reuse water resources.

The agricultural industry in Vietnam still operates manually and human power is the main thing if applying science and technology by biology and energy / automation equipment to improve the farming process and minimize the use of human resources. use of pesticides in agriculture.

The premise of QC-BIO is that QCVN’s existing partners work in the field of environment, the environment has not been strictly controlled before, so the discharge into the environment affects the quality of water sources alarmingly, microbial products also contribute to limiting agents that cause environmental pollution.

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Honoring values: We create an environment that honors the human and intellectual values ​​of each member, serving as the foundation for building QCVN culture and developing high-quality human resources. Knowledge with living values, the noble values ​​of each member is recognized by QCVN. Appreciate and reward all excellent members.

Service to society: We were born and developed with the aim of supporting businesses and communities to join hands, protect the living environment, working environment and people’s health.

Preserve our reputation: We preserve our reputation to become the way of life of the organization. Each member must be aware of upholding the honor and reputation of the company.


Ecosystem protection includes: living environment, human health in the field of water analysis services and monitoring of working environment, food testing.


Honest – Effective – High productivity

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The ISO 17025:2017 standard has been applied and implemented for the microbiological strain laboratory. Using science and technology with high technology by successful and effective application of biotechnology, industrial automation in agriculture and other products to protect the environment, recycle waste products into resources.


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Our products are products for environmental protection. We sell solutions.

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