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QC-BIO Vietnam Standard Engineering Joint Stock Company (abbreviated QC-BIO) specializes in high-tech agriculture by applying methods of microbial inoculants in treatment, farming and recycling. , technologies and equipment applied in agriculture and is a premise for the deployment of agricultural automation in Vietnam’s agriculture. After the epidemic period was a time of economic recession, all types of industries began to slow down, inflation increased, unemployment increased, the industry that is likely to develop strongly and stably is the agricultural industry, especially clean agriculture, high-tech agriculture, from the present time to the next 5 years, after this period will enter a stable phase. Currently, the company focuses on 2 main industries: biological products in the fields of environment, seafood, and animal husbandry: Environmental microbiology: available customer files of QCVN, Microbiology in livestock and seafood: the relationship of BOD

The model of creating value for businesses, the simpler the model, the easier it is to expand, taking the management technology foundation, the higher the number of high-quality human resources, the more effective it will be.


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Bui Quang Tuan 

Owner of a farm

“Life develops, people become more concerned and take care of their health. As a result, the trend of consuming clean food is becoming more and more popular. Customers are willing to spend more money to buy it. natural food, no chemicals used, clear origin”

Bùi Quang Tuấn

Chủ trang trại chăn nuôi

“Đời sống phát triển, con người trở nên quan tâm, chăm sóc sức khỏe của mình kĩ càng hơn.Nhờ vậy, xu hướng tiêu thụ thực phẩm sạch ngày càng phổ biến. Khách hàng sẵn sàng bỏ ra số tiền cao hơn để mua được đồ tự nhiên, lành mạnh, xuất xứ rõ ràng.”

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Water quality is an extremely important factor when raising shrimp because it determines the efficiency of feed, growth rate and survival rate of shrimp. In order for shrimp to grow healthy, the water must be clean, free of pollution, with balanced biochemical and physiological parameters. In order to assist shrimp farmers to best manage the [...]
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Why Use Microorganisms in Wastewater Treatment

Today, along with the modern development of industrialization and modernization, the increase in pollution problems is inevitable. Faced with the increasingly serious pollution problem today, especially water pollution; We cannot avoid this problem but must face and solve this problem. The treatment and disposal of contaminated water is a process. From building a treatment system, [...]
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