QCVN Shrimp Biolin

QCVN Shrimp Biolin

  • Add beneficial microorganisms to the feed to help shrimp and fish grow.
  • Increases digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • Strengthening health and digestion for shrimp with small intestines, poor digestion.
  • Improve resistance, strengthen the immune system and prevent viral diseases Microbiology of shrimp farming Biolin-Beta
  • Support to enhance immunity, supplement minerals to help shrimp stay healthy
  • Prevent infections, support the treatment of white stool diseases, increase intestinal motility, improve the digestive system
  • Reduce feed conversion ratio, shorten farming time
  • Support the treatment process, recover quickly after using antibiotics and chemicals.
  • Sản phẩm uy tín đảm bảo - cam kết chất lượng tuyệt đối
  • Tư vấn chăm sóc 24/24. Liên hệ hotline: 0919 984 839
  • Miễn phí vận chuyển cho đơn hàng từ 1.000.000đ

QCVN Shrimp Biolin



  • Bacillus subtillis: 10^8 CFU/g
  • Bacillus lichenifomis: ≥ 10^8 CFU/g
  • Carrier: Dextro
  • Humidity 10%
Cân nặng

1kg, 200g, 500g


  • Increases the ability to digest and absorb nutrients in food.
  • Balance intestinal microflora, inhibit the growth of intestinal pathogenic bacteria.
  • Increase resistance, keep shrimp healthy, improve feed utilization ratio.
  • Reduce toxic gas in waste when excreting into the pond environment.

User manual

Small shrimp

  • (<45 days old): Ratio 4-6g / 1kg of feed
  • (>45 days old) feed 4 times/day

Large shrimp

  • (>45 days old): Rate 2-4g / 1kg of feed
  • (>45 days old) feed 3 times/day

Poor intestinal phenomenon, loose stools, broken segments, white stools dose: 10g/1kg feed, feed 4 times/day, 5 days continuously > Dissolve BIOLIN in water then mix it well with food


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